Trader Masterclass

The blueprint of becoming a skilled Forex trader in 2020

Step by step guide

Gain the knowledge and confidence to trade with a clear step by step plan

Learn your way

Progress through the course at your own pace and return to any chapter for reference

Developed by experts

Written by a global Forex educator and trader of financial markets since 2010

About the course

Want to learn how to trade Forex but don’t know where to begin? The trader masterclass course will provide you with a blueprint of how to become a skilled Forex trader in 2020. Gain the knowledge and confidence to start trading by following a step by step plan developed by Mark Owen, a global Forex educator, keynote speaker and trader of financial markets since 2010. The course is tailored to a beginner trader, with all key parts of trading outlined and explained in detail.

Core chapters

1) Technical Analysis
How to use historical asset class movements to predict future starts and finishes
2) Trade Selection
How to identify which market to trade over another
3) Market Types
How to identify which markets are trending or ranging
4) Entry Techniques
How to use different methods of entry based on the situation
5) Trading Your Plan
How to know when and where to exit your trades
6) Risk Management
How to avoid over exposing yourself to a particular market
7) Portfolio Management
How to know how much of your total trading capital to risk at any one point
8) Trading Psychology
How to develop control of your emotions and navigate away from fear and greed

Trader Masterclass

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