Looking to make a real difference to how your future looks?

Join us on 19th April in Kensington for The Lifestyle Trader seminar and develop your investment skills under the guidance of Mark Owen, Founder of Trade and Train, and James, our resident Crypto Currency Expert.

Mark has been a global educator and trader of the financial markets since 2010, bringing out the best from novice to experienced traders. As an international keynote speaker and educator he is a specialist in his field and knows exactly what is required in order for you to succeed and grow your investments.

The seminar will be split into two parts. Firstly the forex presentation will discuss:

1 – Trade Selection – How to select a particular asset/asset class over another. Mark will outline the rules you should have in place when selecting an asset to trade.

2 – Risk Management/Portfolio Management/Trade Management – This is probably the most crucial aspect of trading. If you don’t understand risk you are effectively gambling.

3 – Time – The only commodity we can never rejuvenate. Mark will Illustrate how you can fit trading into your life whilst creating a pot of wealth over years with compounding interest.

In the second half of the seminar, our resident crypto-currency expert James will help guide you through the often confusing world of Crypto Currency. His honest take on the subject cuts straight through the nonsense and hype often spouted in the media and will help you reach a better understanding of the true promise in this exciting new tech space and the potentially unparalleled investment opportunities that can be identified within it.

Spaces are limited. Register now to avoid disappointment and begin your journey to financial freedom!


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